The Antidote to Small Talk.

Play online with anyone, anywhere - for free.

Multiple dates available.

Cozy Juicy Real is the social board game for people who crave authentic, fun and unforgettable hangouts.

Refined by over 500 playtesters from around the world

Professionally curated questions and group activities

Mindfully designed for replayability - unique experience each game

“We still talk about the night we got to play” 

How does the game work?

Choose a character to begin your journey around the board...

Gain points as you answer questions.

Work your way from Cozy to Juicy to Real -

the deeper you're willing to go, the more chances you'll have to win!

Wanna get the juicy details?

Or find out how your new date would answer the last question?

Not sure how real you wanna get?

Who knows... you may get extra props when you do.

Don't forget to have a laugh...

...and test your intuitive powers!

The player with the most points... wins!

Multiple dates available.

Amie, USA

2 - 6 players

60-90 mins

Ages 14+

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