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The online experience that kindles fun, authentic and truly connecting interactions.

Awesome teams don’t just happen… they’re made.

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    Founder @


    Matthias Enpact

    Cozy Juicy Real was definitely one – if not the – highlight of our annual planning retreat.”

    Matthias Treutwein

    Digital Specialist @


    Matthias Enpact

    “Of all the activities we’ve done this year, this was definitely the most entertaining, natural and conversational of all!”

    Agathe Lavallette

    Head of Culture @

    Tony’s Chocolonely

    Matthias Enpact

    “I’ve never felt this connected while online. Ever”

    Dr. Marcia Goddard

    Missing really good hangouts? Chats by the coffee machine? After-work drinks?

    We do too.

    Most virtual hangouts are ok… But let’s be honest… they’re only sometimes engaging, rarely connecting, and almost never personal.

    And it doesn’t have to be that way. So we created…
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    Cozy Juicy Real is mindfully designed to consistently bring people together for fun and meaningful hangouts.

    The kind that make you forget the screens between you.

    Cozy Juicy Real has been…

    Refined by thousands of playtesters from around the world

    Professionally curated with hundreds of questions and group activities

    Vetted by some of the world's most successful companies






      We Offer

      Custom 2

      Custom Events

      Tailored events for your on-boarding, off-sites, kick-offs and retreats with your company values or a specific theme, e.g. diversity, innovation, creativity etc. Sky’s the limit.

      Custom 2

      Turnkey Team-Bonding Experiences

      Bring your teams together for a meaningful team-building event, where the benefits continue long after game time.

      Custom 2

      Conference Events

      Offer your attendees a networking experience like no other. Available as a kick-off meet & greet, networking session, or an after-party. Guaranteed to build meaningful connections.



      By answering questions challenging enough to spark curiosity.



      Among the people you know, and with people you’ve never met before.



      By playing a fun game that facilitates natural and interactive conversations.

      After our events – people report feeling…




      more connected



      “We still talk about the night we got to play.”

      "A fun and unique way to build meaningful connections with colleagues."

      – Jerra Murphy

      UX Design Strategist 

      General Motors, USA

      "Amazing connection is possible while remote... even with strangers."

      – Carl Smith


      Miro, USA

      "I personally could feel a difference when working with my colleagues!"

      – Sabine Baron

      Corporate Talent Management

      Hager Group, France

      "Joyous & nothing I’ve ever played before"

      – Jeremy Rishe


      Freelance, USA

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