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So you've got questions?

How does the game start?

All characters begin on COZY HOME. This is a green space, so all players start with one round answering questions from the Cozy deck. Easy peasy.

How do I move around the board?

After answering a question, check on the bottom right of the card where it says 'MOVE' - that'll show you the number of spaces you should move (clockwise). Where you land dictates which deck you draw from on your NEXT turn.

Who goes next?

Take turns in a clockwise direction. Yep, it's that easy. :)

After I leave COZY HOME, which card deck do I choose from?

The space that you're on dictates which card deck you can draw from. If you’re on a green space, pick a green card. If you’re on a multi-colored space, you can choose from any of the options. Let's say you land on a red AND green space,, ,then you can choose a Real OR a Cozy card.

Who answers the question?

When you draw a card with a question, you read it out loud and answer it for yourself. Only the Random and Lightning deck involve the other players.

What if I don't want to answer a question?

No sweat. You can pass at any time by discarding a card off the board. You can pick another card, but your replacement card must be drawn from the Cozy deck. For example, let's say you pick a real card and don't want to answer it - you'd drag this card off the board and then pick a card from the Cozy deck.

How do I collect points?

Collect points by dragging a card that you've just answered into the points area of your player mat. You may also be rewarded points by someone who draws a Random card, in which case the player would drag the card to your points area. Booya!

If I award someone with a Random card, who moves?

The player who draws a Random card ALWAYS moves their character around the board, even if the card (and points) have been awarded to another player.

How do I use my purple Spark cards?

Each card explains its purpose, so...read them. ;) Remember, ,you can play them at ANY TIME - it doesn't need to be your turn. Simply wait for a person to finish answering their question and then announce that you'd like to play a Spark card. The player you choose to interact with should be given the card (points) - simply drag the card to the points area of their player mat.

How does the Lightning Round work?

The first player who lands on OR passes the pink lightning bolt (next to COZY HOME) triggers the Lightning Round. Starting with the player who triggered it, ALL players in turn draw a card from the Lightning deck, then read it aloud and follow its instructions. Check out the video above the board to see how the Lightning round works.

How does the game end?

The game ends when all players finish the Lightning round. At this point, all players calculate their points (sorry, you have to count old school style, Miro won't do this for you). Remember to subtract any unused Spark cards. The player with the most points is the winner. SEE VIDEO ABOVE THE BOARD TO SEE LIGHTNING CARD DEMO.

This is awesome!

That wasn't a question, but we still appreciate you saying so.

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